Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your shipping process?

Please allow for 1 week to process your order. I ship items once a week, not always the same day. So if you’ve ordered on Wednesday but I shipped out Tuesday, it’ll go in the next week’s shipment. 

Once items are in the mail I no longer have any control on when your items get to you. Shipping everywhere has been slow because of Covid-19 delays. Items will have tracking that you can check up on. That being said if you’re having a problem with your order please reach out to me so I can problem solve with you. 

What's your refund policy?

All sales are final and I don't give out refunds at this time. If however your item arrives damaged in some way I will refund or work with the customer on a case by case basis. 

Do you do customs?

I don’t do customs at this time, and I don’t think I will moving forward. Customs slow down what I’ll be able to make spontaneously and creatively. If there’s a great interest in any particular thing I am open to suggestions to make more of that item. 


Why polymer clay? 

I’ve always wanted to make food miniatures and polymer clay is the go to material for them. I love the versatility of the clay and am learning how to sculpt lots of intricate little details. I also like how polymer clay earrings are very lightweight. Even large and bulky pieces won’t pull down earlobes and will remain comfortable throughout a day’s wear. 


What’s your process like making the clay earrings?

Each pair of flat earrings in a collection comes from a polymer clay slab that takes me anywhere from 2-6 hours. If it's part of the Cat Cafe, those items typically take me about two days to fully create. Additional time is needed if there’s clay miniature dangles as I premake those before adding them. Then they bake in the oven and are assembled after they’ve cooled. Some of the earrings are glazed with a resin or Sculpey top coat. 


What kind of metal are the hooks/posts/dangles made out of?

Currently all of my earring hooks and studs are .925 sterling silver. I wanted to avoid most people’s metal allergies. In the future I’ll be looking into 14k gold backings and findings as well. The jump rings vary between being sterling silver and surgical steel. The clip ons I offer are also surgical steel.